HMRC Tax Rates

HMRC Tax Rates


HMRC Tax Rates

Income Tax Bands 22/23


Taxable Income

Percentage Taxed

Personal Allowance

Up to £12,570


Basic Rate

£12,751 to £50,270


Higher Rate

£50,271 to £150k


Additional Rate

Over £150k


Other Allowances 21/22

Married Couple’s Minimum Allowance


Married Couple’s Maximum Allowance


Blind Person’s Allowance

Income Limit for Personal Allowance



How to Claim Income Tax Reliefs

Tax relief implies one of the following:

  • Pay less tax to the account of money you’ve spent on specific things, like business expenses if you’re self-employed
  • Get tax back or get it repaid in another way, like into a personal pension.

When Can You Get Tax Relief?

Tax relief is applied to the following: pension contributions, charity donations, maintenance payments and time spent working on a ship outside the UK.

It can also apply to other work/business expenses – you may be able to:

  • Get tax relief on what you spend running your business if you’re self-employed
  • Claim tax relief if you’re employed and you use your money for travel and things that you must buy for your job.