Innovator Visa

The marketplace of the United Kingdom provides a plethora of opportunities for business growth and success. London in particular is ranked as one of the world’s most economically vibrant cities and has long been an attractive destination for business immigration, welcoming hundreds of international investors and entrepreneurs every year.

The UK government uses a points-based immigration system, offering several visa routes, including those for international students, highly skilled workers, investors, professional athletes and temporary workers. If you are an investor or entrepreneur looking to relocate to the United Kingdom, two visa routes – the Tier 1 Investor visa and Tier 1 Innovator visa – are worth taking into consideration. Both categories are available to ‘high value migrants’ willing to invest in the local economy.



The Tier 1 Innovator visa is a new immigration route introduced in 2019. After investing in a local start-up business, holders of the Innovator visa can be granted settled status (ILR) in the UK after three years and can apply for citizenship one year later.

Immigration Tax Partners can assist you with moving to the UK under the Tier 1 Innovator visa or Investor visa routes. See below our list of investment opportunities eligible for investment under the Innovator visa scheme.

Prior to applying for the Innovator visa, the investor will need to obtain an endorsement letter from one of the endorsing bodies appointed by the UK government. Our expert consultants will be glad to assist you with this stage of the application process.

Artisan Raw Ltd

Artisan Raw is an exciting new start-up, with plans to launch a range of organic, raw, dairy-free alternatives to cheese in the next 12 months. Our aim is to revolutionise the UK cheese market with a range of 100% organic plant-based cheeses made from cashew nuts and superfoods, which are free from lactose, dairy and gluten, and contain only natural probiotics, to aid and maintain a healthy gut.

Plant-based cheese is one of the biggest and fastest-growing trends in the UK and global food market.

*Artisan Raw has qualified for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) that offers investors 30-50% tax benefits.